These Adults Wish A Happy Father's Day To Someone Unexpected — Their Moms


While we celebrate motherhood in May, there is an additional title that nearly 10 million moms also have that is sometimes overlooked: Dad.

These are the single mothers who wear both hats by going above and beyond the call as the sole caretaker of their children.

An ad for Angel Soft recently paid tribute to these single moms with a video called "Happy Father's Day, Mom," which features adults thanking their single mothers for all of their sacrifices. In the video, people recount how their moms took care of things, like fixing the car, and teaching them how to be strong.

"These unsung heroes take on both parental roles and balance them with grace every single day." it says in the video's description. "This year let's also say #HappyFathersDayMom." 

The heartfelt messages from the people are so emotional, you'll also want to wish your mom a "Happy Father's Day" on June 21. Take a look:


1. "I don’t know how she raised three boys on her own with such grace... She really is like the most amazing mother, but she was really an incredible father. Like truly incredible."

2. "I’ve definitely seen her try to juggle both mom and dad [roles], and everything else that she had to be for herself."

3. "She did all of it, and she did it all as though she were two people."

4. "She was tough. She was not a joke."

5. "Always very affectionate, very hugging and kissing and all of that. It was always nothing but love."

6. "Mom, I hope you have a beautiful day. And I love you from the bottom of my heart. And I’m thankful for everything you’ve done for me. Happy Father’s Day, Mom."

Watch the full video:

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