How One Organization Makes Sure Athletes Of All Abilities Get A Chance To Compete

Sports without limits.

Kids, regardless of their physical abilities, rarely like to sit still. But oftentimes, children who have disabilities or limitations have to sit on the sidelines at recess or during gym class. That can continue into adulthood, too.

Angel City Sports, "Southern California's own multi-sport, Paralympic-style competition and celebration of Adaptive Sports," aims to break down those barriers by allowing differently abled youth and adults the opportunity to participate in sports such as archery, swimming, wheelchair tennis, track and field, and wheelchair basketball.

Clayton and Ezra Frech's dream is proving popular since the organization started in 2013: more than 1,300 attendees came to its first two-day Angel City Games in 2015, and have attracted the attention of stars such as Adam Sandler and Christian Bale.

Check out the video above to learn more about Angel City Sports.


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