Former Navy SEAL Breaks Wingsuit Record To Help Raise Money For Vets

At 36,000 feet, the temperature is -60° F.

Former Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf set a new world record for the longest distance traveled in a wingsuit this August in an effort to raise a million dollars for the Navy SEAL Foundation

According to Wired, the retired 17-year Navy veteran exited the plane at 36,000 feet — approximately three times the altitude of the average civilian skydiving jump — and then rolled and soared some 18.26 miles through the troposphere achieving speeds of up to 140 mph in a flight that lasted nearly 10 minutes.

"All I am trying to do is make a difference for the guys I used to work with and those who will come after them," he said of his motivation in raising money for the Navy SEAL Foundation in an interview with Skullcandy, who helped train him for the jump. "There will never be a time when this country does not need to have people either forward deployed or standing ready to do so. When the call comes, it helps to know that there are people and organizations that are ready and able to support your family should something catastrophic happen."

The Navy SEAL Foundation describes its mission on its website, stating that its goal is to provide "immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its families."

According the foundation, SEALs spend up to 270 days a year on deployment or otherwise away from home.

The breathtaking event was captured on video. 


Stumpf's focus is unwavering as he prepares for the jump ...

... checking every last detail ...

... before he disappears, soaring and spinning into the freezing thin troposphere.

Stumpf, however, is not interested in acclaim — he's not going to file for the world record.

""It's not about me and it's not about the jump. I'm not even gonna file for the world record," he told Wired. "It's about me trying to give back to a community of people that largely shaped me into the human being that I am."  

Watch the video of Stumpf's incredible feat below:

To help Andy Stumpf achieve his fundraising goal, please check out his GoFundMe page. For more information on the Navy SEAL Foundation, you can visit its website or follow it on Twitter


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