Andy Grammer's New Video Celebrates Love In The Best Way

We can't get his song out of our heads, either.

There's just something about an old couple celebrating 73 years together that really pulls at the heartstrings.

Singer Andy Grammer must have felt the same way about them — and love in general — when he created the video for his song "Honey, I'm Good." The video, which was uploaded to YouTube today, features couples of all races and orientations holding signs with how long they've been together written on them. From the parents of little kids to the gay couple that's been together for just a few months to the couple that has spent decades together, almost all kinds of love are represented.

According to Grammer, they were crowdsourced through social media.

"I wanted to make an honest, true song about staying with somebody and in the end enjoying it. It's like the best decision," Grammer told The Huffington Post.

Did we mention there's an adorable butt grab in there by the older couple in there?

Just like the video as a whole, they're too cute for words.


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