This Song Will Get Stuck In Your Head And In Your Heart

This just might be the catchiest tune on the planet.

There are hundreds of ways to express love out loud. "I like you," "I love you" or "I want to eat cold pizza with you for the rest of my life" are three equally solid examples.


But sometimes it's hard to put your entire heart into one word or sentence.

If words don't come easy to you, try using this song by American singer-songwriter Andy Grammer as a cheat sheet. 

The music video for Grammer's catchy tune features more than a hundred real-life couples from all over the world, crowdsourced through social media. Some of them have been together for just a couple of months while others have been going steady for over 70 years, but together, they're all making a clear statement:

True love comes in every size and shade, and it's all equally beautiful.

As Grammer told The Huffington Post, he wanted to make an honest song about all the perks of having that special someone (including all the temptations surrounding true love). 

"I think that when you watch the video and you see people that have been together for 40, 50, 60 years -- and that end little butt-grab by the couple of 70 years -- it reminds you of that thing. That there is something really special and noble about staying together."

We simply can't get enough of these two.

Grammer's catchy tune seems like a solid choice for playing on repeat come Valentine's Day. If you're planning to say it with a song, consider saying it with this one.

(H/T: Just JaredThe Huffington Post)

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