15 Cool Things You Didn't Know Your Android Could Do, But Should Know

Your friends will be jealous of your new knowledge.

We all know that there are totally cool things and tricks that an iPhone can do, but it turns out that there are also really unbelievable things that Android phones can do. Some of these Android innovations are so awesome that your tech friends will think you're an IT genius even if you're not. And all of these Android tricks are also super easy.

Here are 15 cool things and tricks that you can do with your Android that will turn your phone into the greatest device ever:


1. Attach multiple photos through Gmail and Google Drive.

Gmail / Android timesaver trick.

2. Locate a lost Android.


There is a device manager that allows you to ring your phone or lock it through your Gmail account.

3. Plug a mouse into your Android.

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4. Change all of your icons to Pokemon.

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It's through Poke-Icon Pack.

5. Connect directly with a USB floppy disk drive.

Floppy Drives work with Android

6. Make your Android faster.

How to make your android phone that little but faster

7. Attach directly to a video game controller.

I love this new controller with my Android

8. Power a custom-made video game console.

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Some wood-carving skills are required and you would need to install a small fan inside.

9. Control a drone.

Android Controlled 3D Printed Quadcopter

Specifically, this is a 3D-printed H Quadcopter that is controlled by your Android.

10. Locate hidden art in your Android.

Hidden Android Art

You'll start seeing jelly beans.

11. Spot a hidden Easter egg in the calculator app.

My girlfriend found an android easteregg in the calculator.

12. Get Android apps with no microtransactions.

a site for android apps without microtransactions

13. Control an LED light bulb from your phone.

LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android.

14. Set .gifs as live wallpapers.

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15. Instantly solve a math equation by taking a picture of it.

Photo Math - Take picture of Math equation, it will solve it

Cover image via Shutterstock.


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