Watch Andrew Garfield, Kendall Jenner, And Other Celebrities Show Off Their Hidden Talents

James Corden invited a few "ordinary people" to show him their "most extraordinary secret skills."


If the whole acting, modeling, and singing thing doesn't work out for these celebrities, they may have a few talents up their sleeve to fall back on. 

The Late Late Show host James Corden invited a few "ordinary people" to show him their "most extraordinary secret skills" in a game show segment titled "Hidden Talents." 

First up, the star of the Oscar-nominated film Hacksaw Ridge and some people's favorite Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield. Garfield took on Corden's stage in a red tracksuit, ready to show off his gymnastic skills. 

"No one's ever seen me do this before," Garfield said, and proceeded to impressively nail a back handspring with ease and finesse. 

Corden then introduced fashion model Kendall Jenner, who showed she could belt out some realistic-sounding bird noises if you asked her to. 

Next up, Stevie Nicks, who described herself to Corden as a "struggling singer." The multi-award-winning singer showed the audience that she knows a thing or two about twirling a baton. She even clocked herself in the head with it, which made the whole thing even better. 

Lastly, Taylor Lautner came out to surprise the audience with a talent he's been keeping from everyone. "I can catch grapes in my mouth at any distance or any velocity," the Scream Queens actor said. And, lucky for us, he wasn't kidding. We've never seen someone more talented at catching food in their mouth from great distances. Lautner was able to grab one that flew in the air from across the room. 

You can check out the "Hidden Talents" segment in the video above.


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