Physicist Performs Risky Scientific Demonstration

For the love of physics.

Norwegian physicist and television host Andreas Wahl has a knack for making science fun for children. Showing the entertaining side of physics is something he had in mind when he created a recent video for a television program called Life On the Line.

Wahl wanted to demonstrate the known scientific fact that things rotate faster when they approach a central point.

And he demonstrated this by putting his life in a risky situation.

Wahl was attached to a loose rope while hanging 14 meters (or nearly 46 feet) above the ground. A weight was attached to the other end of the rope. The rope was also lying over a pole during the experiment. When the weight was released, Wahl dropped.

For those not familiar with this scientific fact, it would seem like a dangerous situation. But really, it was just basic physics.


The weight was released and it nearly missed him as he dropped.

The rope tightened around the pole as Wahl dropped safely.

The weight wrapped around the pole.

"I'm so OK! I'm really good," Wahl said in the video after the experiment. "I'm high on physics."

Wahl calculated every detail of the demonstration. He weighed 14 times more than the weight on the other end of the rope. To prevent the rope from sliding off the pole, he had to place a stopper on the pole. There is another video in which Wahl explains how the experiment worked by demonstrating with a coffee cup and a coin. There is also an uncut version of the experiment for those who still don't believe it.

Watch the full video:


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