Makeup Vlogger Uses Her Mouth As Canvas To Create Some Next-Level Lip Art

You can look, but you can't touch.

Rainbows, honeycombs, pixels and even famous Japanese works of art — there's almost nothing Canadian makeup artist Andrea Reed can't recreate using a few brushes and a variety of lipsticks.

Going by the name Girl Grey Beauty, Reed is known for sharing drool-worthy lip art creations as well as handy beauty tutorials. It's painful to admit, but her works really made us realize we have no game whatsoever when it comes to primpin'.

Reed, among other incredible makeup gurus, really pushes the limits of modern art, showing that it no longer belongs solely in galleries and museums, but can be found in the most unexpected places, even a human face.


Check out more of Andrea's stunning lip art below and get inspired to experiment yourself:


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