One Poet Speaks Up When Men Catcall Her Girlfriend. Here’s What She Has To Say.

"Any feminist who has taken the high road will tell you [it] gets backed up sometimes,”

Andrea Gibson is fed up.

The poet recently shared a piece called "To The Men Catcalling My Girlfriend As I'm Walking Beside Her" in Saint Paul, Minn., for Button Poetry, an organization dedicated to sharing a variety of performance poetry from across the country.

Gibson's poem is self-explanatory thanks to its title. She talks about what it's like to watch men constantly catcall her girlfriend whenever the two are together. Although it doesn't happen to Gibson, she still explores the ways in which a woman goes from feeling uncomfortable to uncontrollably angry.


"Any feminist who has taken the high road will tell you that the high road gets backed up sometimes," she says in the poem. "And sometimes you need to take a detour straight through the belly of uncensored rage."

As Gibson continues to chronicle how women feel in catcalling situations, she also makes sure to highlight how she feels about the men behind them.

"It is not Rubik's cube hard to keep your mouth shut," she says. "Just keep your mouth shut. You can do it, man. I know you can."

Watch Gibson's complete performance below:


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