One Couple Shared Their ‘First Kiss’ When She Performed CPR To Save His Life

The kiss of life.

When Andi Traynor and Max Montgomery were on their first date at a beach in Santa Cruz, California, they were probably hoping for a memorable experience. But they likely had no idea just how life-changing it would be.

The couple was enjoying the water surfing when Montgomery began to feel exhausted and had a burning pain in his chest.


And when he got out of the water, he collapsed.

Thankfully, Traynor is an anesthesiologist and she knows CPR, so she was able to administer it to the 56-year-old until the paramedics arrived. The incident was caught on camera by photographer Alexander Baker, who happened to be taking a wildlife time-lapse video on the beach, according to Time. The incredible footage also shows a nurse who was at the beach assisting Traynor.

Yahoo reports that Traynor had fears that Montgomery had passed away because she couldn't feel a pulse. 

It turned out Montgomery had suffered a heart attack from a blocked artery. The situation was serious because he was unconscious and didn't wake up until he was in the ambulance. His heart stopped for 17 minutes until a defibrillator was used. The next day, he underwent coronary bypass surgery.

Traynor performing CPR on Montgomery was considered to be the couple's first kiss. After the bypass surgery, the couple had their "proper" first kiss. Traynor visited Montgomery while he was recovering and said she was still interested in continuing the relationship.

The heart attack incident happened in October 2017 and the couple is still going strong almost a year later.

What's more, Montgomery and Traynor have also started their own nonprofit organization, Paddle4Good. The organization is dedicated to empowering the community through water-based sports. They've also launched the Help-A-Heart program through the organization. It's dedicated to providing CPR dummies and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices so that people know what to do in a cardiac arrest situation.

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