These Naval Academy Singers' Tribute To 9/11 Brought Tears To Our Eyes

Comfort, not politics.

It's easy for a lot of people to feel like they're drowning in media overflow when it comes to commemorating the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks. Fourteen years later, newspapers and websites jar the public with reminders that we must never forget — as if we ever could — while still others use the day to further their personal, partisan or political agendas from soapboxes and podiums. 

More than anything, grief and anger tend to exhaust. The events of Sept. 11 galvanized and, for at least a while, united the people of this country in grief and, yes, anger. It forged an entire generation in the crucible of war, and changed the way we live and think.

What we need every year isn't soapboxing. We need comfort. That's what makes this tribute by The Anchormen, an a capella group composed of U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen, so beautiful and moving.


The song is a harrowing arrangement of "Hole in the World" by The Eagles, accompanied by images from 9/11.

K.S. Anthony

If you saw the wreckage of Ground Zero firsthand or have been to the 9/11 memorial, you'll understand just how appropriate this song is.

The lyrics, sung by the crisp, smooth voices of these young sailors, are piercing.

"There's a hole in the world tonight
There's a cloud of fear and sorrow
There's a hole in the world tonight
Don't let there be a hole in the world tomorrow."

The Anchormen are the only all-male a capella group at the U.S. Naval Academy.

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Although the hole in our hearts may never really be healed, let's remember to fill it with gratitude and kindness, and the memory of those lost.


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