16 Breast Cancer Survivors And Patients Walked The Runway AT NYFW As A Symbol Of Power And Strength

"These inspiring women walking our runway are no different than any other woman."


There were countless models walking the runway during New York Fashion Week (NYFW), but this year, the AnaOno show stood out from the rest. Partnered with #Cancerland — a New York-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to women battling breast cancer — AnaOno presented its latest collection.

Breast cancer survivors and patients walked the runway to model the spring/summer 2017 collection of AnaOno Intimates, a range of lingerie and loungewear designed for breast cancer survivors by a breast cancer survivor.

AnaOno is known for using real women in its advertising campaigns, so it was no surprise their show for AnaOno Intimates was led by such powerful people. 

Courtesy of AnaOno and Peter Cooper

Each of the 16 women who modeled are in a various stages of breast cancer.

Courtesy of AnaOno and Peter Cooper

The group included previvors (people who have a predisposition to cancer) to survivors. In addition to featuring people in different stages of cancer, the group was a diverse mix of everyday women, including a tattoo artist and a ballerina.

While they come from different walks of life, the singular message they have is that they are all powerful, sexy, and strong.

Courtesy of AnaOno and Peter Cooper

The women strutted down the runway, revealing the effects breast cancer has had their bodies, including surgery, scarring, and reconstruction choices. Showing off  marks that may represent their physical journeys made them all the more beautiful. 

Courtesy of AnaOno and Peter Cooper

AnaOno designer Dana Donotree said in a statement, "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to show that these inspiring women walking our runway are no different than any other woman walking New York Fashion Week, or sitting in the audience, or even riding the subway, or walking into your neighborhood coffee shop."

She concluded, "We want to show that whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have a genetic marker, have breasts or have none, have visible scarring or even tattoos in place of nipples, it doesn't matter. You are still empowered, strong, and sexy!"

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