8 Female Singers Who Totally Changed The Meaning Of These Words

Don't get lost in translation.

1. Bass


We used to refer to many things saying the word 'bass', but never to our derrieres. Until now. Thanks, Meghan Trainor! It's actually a really good code for ass.

2. Rocket

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what Beyonce had in mind writing these lyrics. But her metaphors surely deserve an A+. Rocket launch in 3... 2... 1...

3. Roar

Woofing, meowing or even roaring at people might not be the best idea. But thanks to Katy Perry we know it definitely stands for more than just the sound a big feline makes. 

4. Paper planes

If we proceed with the meaning provided by the Urban Dictionary, looks like M.I.A. didn't buy any tickets to fly that plane she sings about. However, the song is much more about immigration problems than just getting high.

5. Timber

Kesha would surely make a cute lumberjack, but when she shouts 'timber', it's not trees that are going down. Be careful so you don't get hit.

6. If U Seek Amy

Read it out loud once more. And then again. Still nothing? Have to admit that Britney has done a pretty good job encrypting this one.

7. Milkshake

Not vanilla, nor chocolate or strawberry milkshakes could bring all the boys to the yard like this girl does. Lend us that recipe, Kelis!

8. Anaconda

Spoiler alert to all the nature lovers out there: it's not about the snake. Nicki Minaj has found a much juicier way to speak about anacondas than they do on the Discovery channel.

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