This Is How People Change When They Grow Old

This is the REAL beauty.

Not to sound depressing or anything, but we all are getting older. 

And that's OK. It's part of the beautiful circle of life, and it's up to us to embrace every single stage of it — from the careless days of childhood to the wisdom of our later years.

To many of us, however, the hardest part is wrapping our heads around the fact that our bodies change, be it developing wrinkles or silver hair.

In order to capture the effects of aging, Ana de Matos Oliveira, a Portugal-based artist, snaps beautiful photos of people that she later juxtaposes with their portraits from years ago. As Oliveira explains on her Bahance profile, some of these photos were taken 60 years after the initial portrait. The result? Absolutely stunning before-and-after photos that celebrate aging.


If you liked Olivera's photos as much as we did, make sure to check out more of her work on her Behance profile.

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