Today, An Ad In The New York Times Asked People To Read Publications Other Than The Times

"Read more. Listen more. Understand more."

News is a fiercely competitive industry, but today, the boxing gloves are off and many news organizations are putting forth a united front. Ads urging readers to choose from a variety of news organizations instead of just consuming one are being shared widely in celebration of World Press Freedom Day.

The campaign promotes high-quality journalism in a time when respected members of the fourth estate are often described as "fake news."

Spearheaded by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) with the creative agency Droga 5, the U.N. initiative, which includes 36 participating news outlets, "celebrates the fundamental principles of press freedom."

CNN host Brian Stelter tweeted a photo of a full-page ad from The New York Times encouraging its readers to read publications other than (and in addition to) The New York Times.


"The news organizations joining this campaign are united in their commitment to excellence, but they're diverse in many other respects," wrote Meredith Kopit Levien, The New York Times Company's Chief Operating Officer. "They're based in different cities and countries, publish in different languages, express themselves in different formats, specialize in different beats."

Sadly, the ad campaign is also timely with its tribute to journalists who have died on the job, following the death of 10 journalists in Afghanistan on Monday.

"This tragedy reminds us of the danger that our teams continually face on the ground and the essential role journalists play for democracy," AFP chief executive Fabrice Fries said in a statement. The news agency's chief photographer, Shah Marai, was among the dead.

As the campaign's tagline urges, "Read more. Listen more. Understand more."  

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