Amy Schumer Took Over This Woman's Tinder And Actually Got Her A Match

But can Schumer find her soul mate?

So, Amy Schumer has never used Tinder before and has no idea how to use it.


However, does that mean she can't have some beginners luck and a good eye when picking out some matches for Andrea of Vanity Fair?

Absolutely not.

First, ground rules:

Great! We have the basics down. Now, lets go find Andrea her match.

Amy comes across a guy named James.

Andrea agrees that she could date a redhead, so Amy does some further investigating.

After carefully — and probably — over-analyzing his pictures, she decides to swipe right.

Success! Andrea likes it, too.

In between trying to find her boo, Andrea's friends keep texting her. Would be kind of funny if Amy decided to show up to the chill session before the gym, but moving on.

Next, Amy comes across a soccer player named Alecko.

Turns out she actually knows him.

Could it be a match? Eh, no. Turns out Andrea is taller than Alecko and apparently that means a "swipe left." If you say so, Andrea.

This is gonna be tough.

Luckily, Amy is an expert and can offer some life advice in the midst of picking out some dates for Andrea.

And yes, Andrea's friends, 7:30 p.m. is a good time to chill before the gym.

Now, if she could only pronounce their names.

Will Andrea find love? With the help of Amy, she'll be lucky if she just makes it to the gym today. We shall see, though. Watch below:


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