Watch Amy Schumer Perfectly Shut Down A Sexist Heckler

"But if you yell out again, you're gonna be yelling ... to people in the parking lot."

Every day, many women are catcalled while walking down the street or riding public transportation. It's an unfortunate, uncomfortable, and perhaps most importantly, unwelcome, experience. 


And Amy Schumer is having none of it — especially when it happens during her own comedy show.

Last night, just two minutes into her stand-up performance in Stockholm, a sexist heckler interrupted Schumer, telling her to "Show us your tits!" Though Schumer's existence as a (smart, funny, and outspoken) woman makes her more than a mere sex object, this guy must've missed the memo. 

Unfazed by the disruption, she shined a spotlight on the heckler — literally. "Everyone point at him so I know which one," she called to the audience. Once the heckler was identified, Schumer asked him — with equal amounts of sweetness and sarcasm in her tone — what he did for a living.  

"Sales," he responded. 

"Sales. How's that working out?" Schumer asked. "Is it going well? Because we're not buying it." 

Boom. Roasted.

Because the heckler had acted like a child interrupting class, Schumer treated him like one. "That's really cute," she continued, "But if you yell out again, you're gonna be yelling 'Show your tits!' to people in the parking lot." The rest of Schumer's audience roared with laughter. 

Apparently, the heckler didn't learn his lesson and, after another outburst, was escorted out of the show by security. 

Boy, bye.

Not only did Schumer shut down an unsavory situation in no time, but she has since continued to take pride in her actions by posting the video to her YouTube channel and tweeting about the incident. Never one to shy away from owning her beliefs or behavior, Schumer showed any would-be hecklers or catcallers that female objectification has no place in the streets or the subway — and definitely not on her stage. 

Watch the full feminist takedown below:


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