When Amy Schumer Asks To Be In Your Engagement Photos, You Say Yes

For one lucky couple, their photo session was more crowded than they anticipated.

Central Park is a lovely place to take engagement photos, as soon-to-be husbands Joseph Turnage and Brandon Moore obviously know. It's also a beautiful spot for a jog, as comedian-extraordinaire Amy Schumer clearly understands. What none of them knew, before yesterday, is that Central Park is the ideal location to combine these two activities. That's exactly what happened to Turnage and Moore on June 9: Amy Schumer photobombed the couple's engagement photo sesh in her own unique way by running up and asking to take part in the joyous occasion.

When Schumer spotted the couple and their photographer, Alisha Siegel, she approached them and yelled, "Oh my god! Are you taking engagement photos? Let me get in one!" according to BuzzFeed. Turnage and Moore graciously posed with the Inside Amy Schumer star, who later posted the resulting shot to her Instagram with the caption, "Beautiful engagement photo ruined by yours truly." With all due respect, we like to think she enhanced the picture and the fiancés agree. According to Siegel, "They are super excited though, and obviously are trying to rally Amy to be in their wedding come October."

The photo has already been liked over 30,000 times on Instagram, but the impromptu cameo was all in day's work for Schumer, whose show is known for producing sketches that go viral nearly every week.

Check it out:


She'd probably make an amazing bridesmaid, hint hint.


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