Amy Schumer Is Opening Madonna's New York Shows

Does she sing? Does it matter?

Amy Schumer is winning everyone over with her funny and socially aware Comedy Central sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer, and will probably do it again on an even wider scale as the star of Trainwreck, which hits theaters this summer. It stands to reason, then, that she should capitalize on this kind of momentum and apparently she knows this better than anyone else. Via Twitter, Schumer announced that she'll open Madonna's New York shows when the legendary pop singer comes to town in September.

The shows are scheduled for September 16 and 17 at Madison Square Garden, as well as Barclays Center on the 19th. It's not clear what kind of opening her act will be — stand-up, singing, some combination of the two — but it's a pretty big extra incentive for Madonna fans who also love Amy Schumer. There's bound to be some overlap there.

Schumer revealed the news by tweeting a video of herself singing to Madonna's "Like a Prayer" as a young girl. Maybe she should have pursued singing full time, but comedy led her to opening for Madonna, which the vast majority of professional singers have failed to do, so given that and her exploding comedy career, she probably made the right choice. Instances like her owning The Bachelorette, hilariously accepting a Glamour Award and generally saying what every woman needs to hear more than prove that point.


Check out her pipes as a kid for yourself below:

(H/T: Time)


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