Watch Amy Schumer React To Jennifer Lawrence Interviews And Try To Catch Her BFF In A Lie

"She likes red wine. I like red wine. It's a marriage made in heaven."

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence's friendship is the definition of #SquadGoals. It warms our hearts to know some of the most down-to-earth Hollywood it girls have formed a strong bond and support each other. They write movies together, drink red wine, and apparently watch each other pee. 

So, when Schumer stopped by Vanity Fair to shoot her glamorous May cover, the VF team decided to play a little game involving the pair. They handed Schumer a tablet with videos of Lawrence answering interview questions and asked her to fact-check her responses. 

The verdict? Lawrence is either incredibly truthful or Schumer isn't going to out her friend for us to see. Either way, Schumer's reactions to these videos are worth the watch. 

For instance, when Lawrence advises 10-year-old girls to "always be nice," Schumer jokingly calls her out on not following her own advice. "That's really sweet, but Jen is the meanest person I know. So that doesn't really apply," Schumer says. "Jen has sent me so many hurtful texts that make me laugh." 

Oh, and she has a really great bidet story. 

Check it out in the video below: 



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