Amy Schumer Tipped 'Hamilton' Bartenders $1,000 At Intermission

"I've been there, I get it."

Whether she's playing in to a joke, shutting down a sexist comment, or inspiring a challenge named after her, Amy Schumer has always been happy to engage with her fans publicly. That makes her appear very down to earth and relatable, but if her recent visit to hit Broadway musical Hamilton is any indication, the way she treats those she's a fan of is 1,000 times more impressive.

Apparently, while signing off on a $77 bar bill at the show, the comedian added a $1,000 tip. It doesn't require a cheesy joke about being bad at math to know that's an astronomical amount, and, understandably, the good deed didn't go unnoticed.

"At intermission, a member of her party came to the bar with another order and when he handed the receipt to my co-worker, he said, 'Amy wants to make sure you get this,'" recounted Hamilton bartender Madeleine DeJohn to Gothamist. Here's the proof:


Since Schumer used to wait tables and bartend in New York, she understands how tough the jobs can be. The last time she saw Hamilton, she reportedly left an $80 bill, telling the staff, "Of course, I've been there, I get it, you guys are great," when they thanked her. When a reporter from CBS New York asked her to comment on this (much) bigger tip, she tweeted back this response:


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