Here's What Amy Schumer Actually Thinks About Her Magazine Cover Shoot

Absolutely hilarious.

If you ever watch behind-the-scenes videos for magazine cover shoots, you know that celebrities, models, actors, and actresses have a way of making them look easy.

Take, for example, Selena Gomez whose Teen Vogue photo shoot looked like a walk in the park. Or Rihanna, who looked like she had absolutely no problem posing in a desert windstorm for Vogue in 2012.


But leave it to Amy Schumer, the hilariously honest and refreshing comedian, to tell it like it REALLY is on set for her latest cover of Glamour magazine.

"Pulling a little too hard there buddy."

"Can he maybe relax with the wind machine? Maybe just take it down a notch with the wind?"

"Did we not get the shot yet? I can only make three faces... and I've done them all."

"Um Rose on the 'Titanic?' Yeah, they did ask me to play her."

"I don't feel ridiculous. This is all my real hair, these are my eyelashes. I totally feel like myself... I woke up like this."

But all jokes aside, Schumer looks totally glam doing her thing, and we couldn't be more excited to see her on this cover.

Watch the full video below:

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