Amy Schumer Explains The Universe, With Help From Bill Nye And The 'Broad City' Girls

The universe is telling you to watch this clip.

Has anyone ever explained to you that they made a choice because "the universe" gave them a sign, or told them what to do? Turns out, there's real scientific evidence that a cosmic force is telling people how to live their lives. (OK, mostly just "white women in their 20s.") Amy Schumer, Bill Nye, and the "Broad City" girls all teamed up to create this hilarious sketch, about the self-centered tendency to believe all of creation is conspiring just to give you a cryptic message about how to live your life. Like many other "Inside Amy Schumer" jokes, the "Universe" skit skewers a common phenomenon most people probably don't even realize they engage in.

As the sketch shows, most people just use this way of thinking to justify their bad behavior, instead of owning up to their faults. Amy's character decides it's OK to keep sleeping with her married boss, because she saw a girl wearing a shirt that said the word "chill," which Amy takes as a sign from "the universe" to stop worrying and keep right on with her affair. The concept is comedy gold, in part because we all know someone who thinks this way — or maybe we even do it ourselves from time to time. And when celebrated scientist Bill Nye shows up to lend credibility to the absurd idea that the universe was created for just this purpose, the whole thing is taken to the next level. 


Here's the entire sketch:

You can watch the entire episode of "Inside Amy Schumer" on Thursday at 10:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.


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