Amy Schumer's Glamour Awards Acceptance Speech Is Super Empowering and Hilariously NSFW

"I'm not going to apologize for who I am."

The current darling of feminists and lovers of raunchy comedy is the unabashedly provocative Amy Schumer, whose Comedy Central show, "Inside Amy Schumer," has won over all our hearts. And in case you weren't absolutely convinced about her public speaking skills, Amy Schumer's profanity-laced Glamour Awards acceptance speech will prove that her humor cannot, and will not, be contained. 

The 34-year-old funny woman won the Trailblazer of the Year award at the event in London on Tuesday and went on stage to deliver perhaps the most side-splitting speech that Glamour Awards has ever experienced. She started off with a self-effacing, in-your-face statement about a topic most would deem unduly sensitive to mention: her weight.

"I'm probably 160 pounds right now and I can catch a d*ck whenever I want," she said to the audience's roar of approval. "Like, that's the truth."

Schumer continued with anecdotes about puberty — she said she lost her two front teeth and got her period in the same week — the state of her underwear and called out women's magazines for making women feel bad about themselves. She also told a story about her losing her self-esteem and then re-discovering it:

I'm not going to apologize for who I am, and I'm actually going to love the skin that I'm in and not be striving for some other version of myself.


It was the classic Schumer-esque humor that propelled her to national stardom, and by the end of the speech, the celebrity-filled audience fell in love with Schumer all over again.

Watch the video below:


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