Amy Schumer And Anna Wintour Switched Jobs For A Day. Here's How That Went.

"Is that a shirt?"

Amy Schumer will grace the cover of Vogue in its July issue, which is super awesome and all, but, more importantly, she got to do something no other Vogue cover stars — or anyone for that matter — has done before: switch jobs with Anna Wintour for a day. 

In the sketch Schumer wrote to supplement her profile, the two women sit across from each other and debate whose job is easier. Ultimately, they decide there's only one way to find out. So, Schumer traded in her sweats for a printed dress and tried to decipher the difference between shirts she's pretty sure are identical.  

Wintour headed down to the Comedy Cellar to try her hand at stand-up. During the show, she attempts to win the crowd over with some Game of Thrones material followed by a mic drop. 

See who handles her job best in the video below: 



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