Amy Poehler Turned A Q&A About Herself Into A Reminder Of Issues That Demand Our Attention

"Who cares? The world is on fire."

Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter announced who made up "The 40(ish) Most Powerful People in Comedy" list, with short blurbs and a brief Q&A accompanying each honoree. While there are many heavy hitters listed, the section highlighting Amy Poehler is catching attention — and for the best reason possible.


The blurb mentions how the former Parks and Recreation star — who is also known for having founded Upright Citizens Brigade and joining the Saturday Night Live cast — has gone on to introduce us to fresh voices in comedy. This thanks to shows like Broad City (with Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson) and Difficult People (with Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner). Not only that but Poehler makes her directorial debut with Netflix's Wine Country, which she stars in with Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph.

The Q&A, though, that's where Poehler herself gets to shine. The following are the setups and epic finishes that the 46-year-old delivered to THR:

My most memorable heckler… "Who cares? The world is on fire."
Dream product endorsement "A giant whale just died in Thailand after eating 80 plastic bags."
Guilty pleasure "Let's not forget over 4,600 people have died in Puerto Rico."
I'm funny because… "I don't even know anymore."
If I didn't work in comedy… "I would never leave my house."
College comedy audiences are… "Kids that are afraid they will be shot in their own schools. What has happened to us?"
Sitcom you'd reboot? Mr. Rogers. I miss him. We need him."
The funniest thing about the Trump administration is… "Are you kidding me?"

*Mic drop.*

Within a span of exactly 70 words, Poehler uses this platform to take silly questions to provide some important reminders to problems that we should be more aware of. There's sealife being negatively affected by our trash (specifically dead whales washing ashore with plastic bags in their mouths), all the people who died in Puerto Rico in the wake of a natural disaster (by the way, the number is actually more like 4,645), tragic shootings at schools that illustrate the need for gun control (there are too many to name), and reminding us that there's nothing funny about what's happening in the White House these days.

Folks on social media were loving it, chiming in about the fierceness of it all:

All that said, we're not surprised about Poehler's interview because she has used her platform to raise awareness about issues such as the Time's Up initiative, stand up against unfair pay for and sexual harassment of tipped workers, and empower women with Amy Poehler's Smart Girls. Time and time again, Poehler has presented us things that we need to see, and this is just the most recent example.

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