Amy Newmark's Biggest Tips For Becoming The Person You Want To Be

They might surprise you.

A Plus associate editor Claire Peltier recently spoke to Amy Newmark, editor-in-chief and publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, about how people can work on themselves and become who they dream of being.

Newmark, who reads every story submission sent to Chicken Soup for the Soul, had some killer advice.

"I've gotten so many stories from people who decided they want to be a new kind of person. They just pretend to be that kind of person, and miraculously they become that person," Newmark said.

Turns out that "faking it till you make it" might be the perfect recipe for personal growth. For Newmark's second biggest self-improvement tip, watch the video above, and for more videos with Newmark, click here.

Editor's Note: Chicken Soup for the Soul is the parent company of A Plus.


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