Amy Newmark Talks Soulmates, Spontaneity, And Love At First Sight

Chicken Soup for the Soul's new book sheds light on all three.

In the words of an Oscar-winning song from the 1950s — and the movie musical Moulin Rouge!  — love is many-splendored thing. But it can be darn confusing sometimes too.

A Plus lifestyle correspondent  Claire Peltier recently sat down with Amy Newmark, editor-in-chief and publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, to discuss the wisdom that can be gleaned about dating and relationships from Chicken Soup for the Soul's book The Miracle Of Love.

To hear Newmark's take, watch the video above, and for more videos with Newmark, click here.

Editor's Note: Chicken Soup for the Soul is the parent company of A Plus.

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