Amy Adams Can Throw A Football In A Dress And Heels, Because Why Not?

Maybe she'll teach you a thing or two.

Just in time for the Super Bowl this weekend, Amy Adams is here to teach us how to throw a football. 

It's all part of Vanity Fair's enlightening and endlessly entertaining video series "Secret Talent Theatre," in which celebrities show off skills you may not have known they possessed. In the past, we've seen Jennifer Lawrence mime and Viola Davis masterfully draw a clown. For Amy Adams, it's all about the pigskin.

"I was raised by a bunch of football-loving men," the Broncos fan, who has four brothers, explains in the video. "They insisted I learn how to throw a football." 

Adams admits she's best at throwing a mini Nerf ball, but she won't let that stop her from giving us a lesson. First, she demonstrates how to line up your fingers with the laces, with your thumb underneath.


Next up, she reminds us to lean back and "use your body" to point where we want the ball to go. Then, to borrow her words, you just "let it rip" — with or without the dainty finish she says she got teased for growing up.

The actress is also pretty great at catching, as she demonstrates before throwing the ball yet again. "That was a nice spiral," she says afterward. "I'll take it."

Oh, and did we also mention that she does it all in a dress and high heels? Football isn't just for the boys, and there's no reason it can't have a little glitz and glamor to go along with it, if that's your style. After all, look no further than this year's halftime performer — Lady Gaga.

Check out Adams' skills for yourself in the video below:


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