Amy Adams Kept Quiet On Hollywood's Equal Pay Problem For A Very Important Reason

"I do believe in equal pay, but let’s start with our teachers."

When it comes to the conversation around equal pay, Amy Adams knows it is one that needs to be had in Hollywood — and, perhaps more importantly, beyond.


To understand why Adams finds herself at the center of this issue, you'll have to go back to the days of 2013's American Hustle and the Sony hack in 2014. Emails were unearthed that explained how Adams and Jennifer Lawrence were paid less than their male co-stars, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, and Jeremy Renner.

While she remained largely mum on the controversy at the time (unlike Lawrence), The Telegraph recently got her to open up about it in an interview promoting the new HBO miniseries Sharp Objects. Turns out the reason Adams kept out of it was because she was well aware of her position in the world as a glamorous actress who gets paid a lot more than the average person in America.

"Everyone wanted me to talk about how I felt about it, but I want to fight for people outside our industry," Adams recently told The Telegraph. "So to come out and look ungrateful about what I'm paid as an actress just didn't feel right."

It's understandable that Adams would feel this way, but just because her status is on a whole other level than that of most other people, she should have to accept being treated unfairly. Everyone deserves to be paid fairly — regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, and any other identifier that might be used against them.

That said, Adams has her sights set on calling attention to other groups, ones she believes deserve more of a focus in the current societal discourse.

"I do believe in equal pay, but let's start with our teachers. Let's get waiters paid the minimum wage," the five-time Academy Award nominee added. "That's what's great about what's happening with Time's Up — we're starting to have bigger conversations than just about what's happening in Hollywood."

Again, Adams has a major point. Recently we saw Amy Poehler raise awareness about the unfair pay of and sexual harassment of tipped workers. Time's Up, though, has been making good on its promise to assist workers all across the country fight for what's right in the workplace with the legal power to back them up.

With open minds like Adams in the mix, we will be able to focus on those who really need help first and foremost. It's true that we need to focus on the people at the bottom, but we cannot forget about the people at the top, too.

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