86-Year-Old Can't Believe His Eyes As He Tours The Plane He's Completely Crazy About

"Well I think I'll be dreaming about this."

According to a video by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Mr. Van Dam, 86, is "crazy about planes and has one big wish." 

On a day when Van Dam thought he'd be looking at the airplanes from afar, the airport had a big surprise in store for him.

"May I ask you what you're doing here?" says Marco Spuyman, representing the airport.

Van Dam explained that he used to work on airplanes at Airbus, back in the day, before the A380 jet airliner was built. "I was already retired," he says.


In the video, the airport invites him to head down to the takeoff runway to get a close up look at the A380 he's been dreaming to see.

"I'd love that," Van Dam replies.  Over the course of the tour that follows, Van Dam appears in complete awe of the planes — giving off a youthful excitement as he gets a personal look at the wheels, the wings, and even the cockpit. 

"That's just too crazy for words, fantastic," he says. 

"See now that was my big wish... But that I'd ever get to see it up close like this; well, I never could have imagined that," he adds.

The airport staff explains to Van Dam how things have changed since he last worked on the planes, and Van Dam listens, with eyes gleaming, soaking it all in.

"Well, I think I'll be dreaming about this," he says laughing from the cockpit.

And with one last wave, Van Dam watches the A380 take off right before his eyes. It's an amazing moment he says he'll never forget.

Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: Reddit)


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