This Guy Channeled Jim From 'The Office' By Using A Teapot To Ask His Crush To Prom On 'America's Got Talent'

Everyone say "awwwww."

We have seen some very cute proposals. Remember the spin class marriage proposal and the beautiful optical illusion one? But while adults seem to have become experts on imaginative marriage proposals, some high schoolers are one-upping these engagements with adorable promposals of their own.

Take Jeremy Moore, a student and America's Got Talent contestant. He asked his crush, Hannah Gray, out while they were performing on the show with their a cappella group, OneVoice. Instead of using balloons, chocolates or flowers, Moore opted for a simpler approach. Using Jim Halpert from The Office as his inspiration, Moore asked Gray to prom using a teapot.


After performing, Moore went backstage to grab the teapot. Then he went over to a shocked Gray and said, "I don't know if any of you watch The Office, but I'll be Jim for a minute, and I hope you'll be Pam."

In the teapot was a letter reading, "You make me happier than Pretzel Day. Prom?"

It was good news for the group and the couple. OneVoice received four yeses from the judges and Gray said she would go to prom with Moore.

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For a perfect end to the story, the "real" Jim, John Krasinski, tweeted a message about Jeremy's proposal.

Even if you haven't seen an episode of The Office, your heart will still melt while watching the video. It's hard to resist any cute promposal, just like it is hard to resist indulging Pretzel Day. 

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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