'America's Got Talent' Winner Darci Lynne's Singing Ventriloquism Wows 'Ellen's' Viewers

And continues to blow us away.

In case you missed it, 12-year-old singing ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer recently won season 12 of America's Got Talent — and it's a well-deserved win, to say the least.

Recently, she showed off her impressive skills on The Ellen Show, where she brought her bunny puppet Petunia to perform for the audience.


Before her performance, Darci Lynne caught up with host Ellen DeGeneres about her recent win as well as how she started her act in the first place.

When asked how she felt to be standing up on stage next to her friend and competitor, 10-year-old Angelica Hale, Lynne says she's grateful for Hale's support.

"It was really hard for me to stand up there with Angelica because I love her so much, she's this tiny, adorable singer, and I'm just really glad that she's supportive of me," she says.

Darci Lynne then explains that she's been working with her puppets for about a year and a half, and she first discovered ventriloquism when she was about 5 years old. Later in life, she decided to try it out for herself, practicing in her mirror. 

Evidently, it worked.

With that, Lynne performs for DeGeneres and the audience, singing Ella Fitzgerald's "Summertime" to perfection. Check it all out below:


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