This Inspiring Violinist Brought The Audience To Its Feet On 'America's Got Talent'

He gave an electrifying performance.

Tuesday night's America's Got Talent introduced viewers to Brian King Joseph, an electric violinist with an inspiring story. Joseph has been playing the violin from a young age, but three years ago he was diagnosed with a nerve disease called peripheral neuropathy, which takes away feeling from his hands and feet.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the condition initially left him bedridden. "Around the age of 22, after just constantly being in bed, constantly being in pain, I realized that I was so sad and the only thing that could make me happy, that would always make me happy, was my violin," Joseph said, adding that playing gave him "a totally new purpose."


Joseph auditioned with a performance of "Lean On" by Major Lazer and DJ Snake. His talent with the instrument, mixed with his infectious personality, had the audience on its feet and clapping along. Even the judges couldn't keep still in their seats.

"You are not only a lesson in great talent and great spirit, you're a lesson in how each person watching in this moment should be living their life right now. It is you," Howie Mandel reportedly told the musician after his performance.

Joseph told Entertainment Tonight that if he wins the $1 million grand prize, he would use it to explore medical treatment for his condition, as well as to "create opportunities for people like me."

Watch the electrifying performance below:


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