Americans Respond To Questions From Brits And Things Are On Absolute Fire

So that escalated quickly.

Lets be honest with ourselves for a sec. People from across the pond — no matter which side you are on yourself — always seem to be a bit ... well ... different. Mainly because their customs and habits are just so unfamiliar.

BuzzFeedBlue decided to spice things up between Americans and Brits. In the video that was uploaded on YouTube a couple of days back, Americans get to answer a whole bunch of questions asked by Brits.

Oh, boy. Things heat up super fast. And yet it's still kind of hilarious.


First things first.

"What's our obsession with red cups?" A guy in the video doesn't teem too stoked about the question. "I'm not obsessed with red cups. I'm obsessed with not wanting to do the dishes, alright? 

Then, of course, there's geography.

"I don't know ... why are you guys so good at stereotyping?" this lady answers the question with a question.

Oh, you just wait 'til we hit the topic of "American sizes."

"Well, I think your perception of big is completely skewed, 'cause I saw the Big Ben and it wasn't that big. It was Medium Ben, at best," she nails it. Kind of.

Things escalate really quickly ...

"Is [Europe] ... is it not a single country?" another guy goes.

So. Much. Sass.

Watch the entire Q&A session below:

The video, as one would expect, provoked quite a debate on YouTube.

Which might just be our favorite part of it all.

Word. Peace and love, guys.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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