Secretariat Would Have Creamed American Pharoah At The Belmont, As This Video Comparison Proves

Hold your horses, this is crazy.

American Pharoah is no slouch. He's the first horse in 37 years to win the Triple Crown — the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes all in the span of a few weeks. But maybe he shouldn't get up on his high horse just yet (sorry, the puns come too easily). Because in a video comparing Secretariat and American Pharoah's Belmont races, the newest Triple Crown victor doesn't even come close. Had these two horses competed against one another on the same day, Secretariat would have won by 2.65 seconds. And in prestige horse racing, that's a lot. In fact, Secretariat's 1973 time still stands as the fastest Belmont ever.

American Pharoah shouldn't feel too badly, however. His time of two minutes and 26.65 seconds would have merited second place at the 1973 Belmont, according to the Wall Street Journal's side-by-side comparison. Secretariat won that race by a truly astounding 31 lengths.

Will there ever be a contender who could truly challenge Secretariat's record? It's been over four decades and so far no challengers have come close (the second-fastest Belmont time, set in 1989 by Easier Goer, is still two seconds behind Secretariat's speediest win). That's some horse.

Check out the video comparison below:


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