When An ‘American Idol’ Hopeful With No Stage Experience Sang, Katy Perry Threw A Chair

“Where the heck did he come from?”

When Michael J. Woodard auditioned for American Idol (watch that here), it was obvious that this 20-year-old from Philadelphia was lacking experience — but not lacking in heart and raw talent. So, when he took to the stage during the solo round of Hollywood Week, we weren't surprised he did well but were absolutely wowed by Katy Perry's jaw-dropping reaction.


Ahead of the performance, Woodard said he was feeling both "excited and nervous" as well as "mellow and chill at the same time." We also got a glimpse of what it is like working at the bowling alley as an attendant, with Woodard then mentioning that this shot at making it "means the world" to him and that it's what he's wanted his whole life.

For this make-it-or-break-it moment, Woodard sang "Maybe This Time" from the 1972 film Cabaret (which featured the legendary Liza Minnelli singing it). He said he connected to this song because of the meaning behind its lyrics, saying that it was a testament to what he's going through right now. Simply put, Woodard hits it out of the park.

It's impossible to take your eyes off Woodard during the performance, but we do get many reactions from the judges throughout, with Katy Perry saying "Oh my God" multiple times. At the peak of the song, she even gets up and throws her chair into the (empty) audience. It was an extreme — albeit appropriate — reaction to Woodard's vocal feat.

"Where the heck did he come from?" the "I Kissed A Girl" singer asked over and over, with Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan echoing their surprise. "That was the best thing we've seen in a long time."

"I shocked myself," Woodard said backstage. "I don't know what the heck just happened on that stage but it was something else. All I know is I turned, I hit the last note, and the judges were on their feet."

"It felt like a star was born," Perry concluded.

Check out Michael J. Woodard singing "Maybe This Time" (and Katy Perry's reaction) here:

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