'American Idol' Singer's 'Greatest Showman' Cover Is Made Special By Who's In The Audience

"Tonight is a special night."

Hollywood Week continued on American Idol Monday night, as the top 50 contestants sang showcase performances for a chance to make it to the top 24. One of the night's standout performances came from 18-year-old Jurnee, who sang "Never Enough" from The Greatest Showman.

During her audition for the show, Jurnee shared her coming-out story, and revealed that her wife Ashley is in the Army. "She's actually set to deploy soon," Jurnee explained at the time, adding, "It means everything to me to make her proud." Although Ashley wasn't able to make it to her audition, she was in the audience for this latest performance.


"Tonight is a special night," Jurnee told the crowd, "because my beautiful wife was able to make it here." Ashley waved to her excitedly from the audience as Jurnee began her performance, which showed off her strong voice and conveyed powerful emotion. 

"I can't believe you're 18, because the sound that comes out of your voice is very mature, beautiful," Katy Perry told her, encouraging her to "really start owning it even more." She then informed her that she would be continuing in the competition as part of the top 24 artists. Jurnee celebrated by hugging her wife.

See the stunning performance in the video below:


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