This Brave Tweet Illustrates The Sexual Assault Double Standard The AHCA Could Make Legal


On May 4, the House narrowly passed the American Health Care Act, and now the controversial bill is on its way to the Senate and one step closer to formally replacing Obamacare. The AHCA stands to jeopardize millions of Americans thanks to the recently added MacArthur Meadows Amendment, which would allow states to drop Obamacare's guaranteed protection for pre-existing conditions and expand the definition of said conditions. 

Though it varies from state to state, Raw Story reports, domestic violence, sexual assault, and postpartum depression are once again effectively classified as pre-existing conditions under the AHCA. They were not classified as such under Obamacare. 

Understandably, people from all walks of life are up in arms, and thousands have begun tweeting their stories using #IAmAPreexistingCondition. Journalist Maureen Shaw pointed out the AHCA's shocking double standard as it relates to sexual assault victims with one powerful tweet.



Other pre-existing conditions include arthritis, cancer, acne, various mental health issues, and more. The Independent also reports pregnancy will cost 425 percent more under the AHCA compared to the ACA

Insurance companies will also be able to deny coverage of preventative healthcare measures like vaccinations, mammograms, and gynecological screenings under the AHCA, and The Wall Street Journal reports the bill contains a provision that could reduce the protections of Americans who get health insurance through their employers, which amounts to approximately half the country.

As dire as the situation sounds, the bill still needs to pass the Senate before it can become a law. Many senators have noted how displeased they are with the AHCA in its current form, and have vowed to vote no when it's put to a formal vote.  

Although the bill has already passed in the House, you can still reach out to your elected representatives and let them know where you stand.

Cover image via Shutterstock / Orhan Cam.


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