'American Girl' To Add A Hawaiian And A Korean Doll To Their Collection, Celebrating Diversity And Inclusivity

Meet Z and Nanea.

For years, American Girl has been among the most popular doll manufacturers, sparking the imagination of children everywhere. Their dolls aren't only fun to play with, but come with stories explaining their backgrounds and interests. Because it is so important for kids to have dolls that reflect their own experiences, American Girl is continuing to expand its range to make it as diverse as possible.  

Most recently, American Doll announced that it is adding two dolls, Z and Nanea, to their collection. Z Yang, a Korean American film maker, will be available to buy in the spring. According to her character biography, she uses film as a medium to connect with others and she reminds everyone that people all have unique stories to share.

Nanea Mitchell is a native Hawaiian who grew up during World War II. She is focused on helping and healing and teaching kids about "kokua," which translates to doing good deeds selflessly. The latter doll will hit the shelves in the fall. 


American Girl announced the new dolls on social media, and reported that they'd be launching along with Logan Everett, the brand's first-ever male doll. Tenney Grant, a breakout songwriter, Felicity Merrimam, a character brought back from the archives, and Gabriela, the 2017 Girl of the Year, make up the rest of the new launches.

The Huffington Post points out that Z is the second Asian American doll from the brand. The first was Ivy Ling. The former doll was a Chinese American who was raised in the 1970s in San Francisco. She launched in 2007, but was discontinued in 2014. 

Courtesy of American Girl

"Since American Girls' characters and stories help build confidence, inspire creativity, and give girls a broader understanding of the world, we now have even more for parents like you to love, too," it says on the American Girl website.

Courtesy of American Girl

While American Girl has made a variety of dolls, including dolls with no hair and those with amputated limbs, people have campaigned to have even more diverse options. Z and Nanea will help to make the range even more inclusive and help spread positive messages throughout the year.


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