This Powerful Clothing Campaign Celebrates What We All Can Do

"I can stay true."

Many fashion campaigns are no longer just about the clothes. They're about spreading positive messages, too.


Take American Eagle's new "We All Can" campaign. The message of the empowering campaign is that we can do anything.

The campaign features a number of celebrities including actresses Hailee Steinfeld and Yara Shadidi, singer Troye Sivan, surfer Landon McNamara, musician Raury, and model Xiao Wen Ju.

American Eagle's global brand president, Chad Kessler, told Refinery29 that the models in the campaign were chosen because they share the brands's vision and celebrate freedom of expression. 

Kessler added, "#WeAllCan is a new brand platform that celebrates Young America's unique voice and individuality. #WeAllCan is an invitation for Young America to follow their passions and share what they can do, be, and create."

The campaign features the models saying different things they can do. For instance, model and musician Valentina Cytrynowicz says, "I can say true." Sivan declares, "I can love anyone" while Shadidi states, "I can be heard."

Being heard is a large part of the campaign. It's about celebrating your voice, your individuality, and what you can do.

American Eagle will also be partnering with Rock the Vote as part of the #WeAllCan campaign, according to Yahoo. The retailer will be selling limited edition clothes that encourage young voters to cast their ballot in the 2016 Election., and will also be offering potential voters the opportunity to register through a unique Rock the Vote online voter registration tool.

American Eagle's launch comes after its sister brand, Aerie, has released a number of positive campaigns including the AerieREAL movement and the recent "Show Your Spark" campaign. All of the empowering campaigns celebrate our individuality. American Eagle's "We Can" campaign sends the message home that there should be no restrictions in life and that we can do anything.


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