American Apparel Releases An LGBT Pride Clothing Line That Plays On Donald Trump's Slogan

A new kind of fashion statement.

Just in time for LGBT Pride Month in June, clothing company American Apparel is introducing a special fashion line that celebrates equality and inclusion — while poking a little fun at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The "Make America Gay Again" brand, according to the company's website, is "a collection of styles that stand for acceptance — no matter who you are, where you're from or who you love."

The limited edition 2016 products include T-shirts, tank tops, a tote bag and a hat with the phrase "Make America Gay Again" written on it that was clearly inspired by Trump's own.

"It's about social justice," Angel Gomez, an American Apparel employee, said in a promotional video. "It's about values that are often misrepresented. It's more about understanding and learning the difference [between] sexual orientation versus gender identity."

The collection also represents a unique partnership between American Apparel, the Human Rights Campaign and the Ally Coalition. 30 percent of the proceeds from the products will go towards the Equality Act and the fight to end LGBTQ discrimination.


"During a year where LGBTQ rights are being threatened all over the states, everyone is responsible for coming together and challenging these injustices," Ally Coalition co-founder and musician Jack Antonoff said in a statement.

One year after the Supreme Court declared that same-sex marriage was legal nationwide, several states responded with new legislation that discriminates against the LGBT community. A well-known example would be North Carolina's bathroom law.

Trump, whose campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" inspired the American Apparel fashion line, supports a state's right to restrict transgender public bathroom access. He also opposes nationwide marriage equality.

"With all the hate that's going on — politically, socially, economically — I feel it's a time to come together to rally the troops and to just support each other and be there for each other because you never know what might happen next," entertainer Alex Newell said in a promotional video for American Apparel.


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