Woman Presents Salads Through Mesmerizing Designs While Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

Good for your mind, body, and soul.

Amber Locke has a way with salads.

Her Instagram account, RawVeganBlonde, has nearly 100,000 followers, and features an array of impeccably designed images of fruits and vegetables, arranged in a mesmerizing, almost kaleidoscopic fashion.

But she's not just about the aesthetic.  

Her photography promotes an all-around healthy lifestyle, and Locke's designs have been published alongside recipes in her latest book, Nourish: Vibrant Salads to Relish & Refresh.

"My designs aim to showcase the vibrant beauty and diversity of natural ingredients as well as being a celebration of healthy living," Locke tells A Plus in an email.


Courtesy of Amber Locke

Locke explains that when she first started photographing fruits and vegetables, it was just a hobby she was passionate about.

"But it seemed to have a life of its own and grew into something much bigger," she says.

Courtesy of Amber Locke

Oftentimes, we are inundated with recipes tempting us with less-than-ideal foods with subpar nutritional value. 

And though those indulgences are all well and good from time to time, Locke's work is unique in that it turns healthy, raw choices into their own form of mouth-watering eye candy, too. 

"I believe eating a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body, and soul," Locke says. "Not only do they taste amazing, they look great, make you feel great, and they are nature's own best preventative medicine."

Courtesy of Amber Locke

Continue below for more of Locke's work and be sure to check out her Instagram, website, and Facebook

Courtesy of Amber Locke
Courtesy of Amber Locke
Courtesy of Amber Locke

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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