Amazon's Say Something Nice Campaign Wants People To Stop Judging Each Other

"No one else can be as good at being you as you."

Have you ever been judged for the way you look? The unfortunate reality is that it has probably happened to all of us. It can be done with a quick remark, a comment on social media, or with a simple glance.


It may only take a few seconds for someone to judge you, but the impact can last forever.

That's why Amazon Fashion Europe wants to put an end to it. The e-commerce retailer has launched the anti-body shaming campaign, Say Something Nice.

Amazon has enlisted the help of fashion bloggers from around the world, including Susie Bubble, Hana Tajima, Camille Charriere, and plus-size model Clementine Desseaux, to produce a video. The three-minute video has the bloggers recounting times in their lives when they have been judged, as well as moments when they have made judgments about others.

Desseaux relates some of the hurtful things others have said, "I should be ashamed to be on TV. I should be ashamed [to be photographed] wearing underwear in my size." Susie Bubble states how she has been called "clown" and "ugly."

The style icons explain how these negative judgments have made them question their style choices, and how they have sometimes chosen to wear something else in order to not draw attention to themselves. 

However, they realize they should not be changing the way they dress because of someone's comments. Each blogger has pledged to say something nice. They're also encouraging others to do the same so everyone can be free to embrace their own individuality. As Freddie Harrel says,

"Style is very much a part of yourself — no one else can be as good at being you as you."

The world, particularly the digital world, can be a judgmental place, but there are many positive movements like Amazon's which are aiming to change that. The #AerieReal campaign wants people to love themselves for who they are. Instagram's #RunwayForAll campaign highlighted different models in the industry breaking barriers.

Amazon's campaign reminds us to not underestimate the power of a compliment. It is just as easy to say something nice as it is to say something snarky, but the compliment will make both people feel good about themselves.

(H/T: Refinery29)


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