Fashion 'It' Girls Are Pledging To #SaySomethingNice. This Is Why You Should Too.

You do you.

For many of us, fashion is a form of self-expression. After all, we should always be able to wear jackets that are too big, skirts that are too short, or ten different colors at the same time if we feel like it. Unfortunately, social media has made it all too easy for others to publicly judge us, and online name calling is becoming more and more prevalent.

But a bunch of fashion bloggers, including such "it girls" as Sussie Lau, Camille Charrière, Gala Gonzalez, Hana Tajima and Masha Sedgwick, are keen to change that. They recently partnered with Amazon Fashion in an initiative to stop the shaming of women on social media. Instead of instantly judging someone's looks, these young women are pledging to say something nice and are asking the rest of us to follow their example.

"Because sometimes people are the reason why we do not do something we want to do, or wear something we want to wear," explains Clementine Desseau on her blog. "Because social media extended our horizons to millions more people, but also made it easier to hide behind a screen to become a bully or just a plain mean girl."


"If everyone stopped judging each other's style, we'd actually get to know each other on a very human ... honest level," fashion girls explain in the in the video below.

Tell 'em, ladies.


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