When You See What This Doctor Does, You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Can't help but smile at this.

This doctor is incredible.


We're not sure who the doctor is in this compellingly delightful video posted by Mama Ethiopia on YouTube, but from the looks of it, he's a man who knows what he's doing when it comes to giving babies shots.


This little guy is upset for all of six seconds (we timed it) after TWO shots.

So what does this doctor do right? Let's see if we can't break this down into components to make your child's next visit to the doctor a LOT easier.

1. No fear.

The doctor doesn't create any anxiety around the needles. Instead, he makes the needles props: He strips them of their power to be scary by playing, laughing, and joking around them. 

He's relaxed, the dad is relaxed, and the baby is relaxed too, making the injection that much easier.

2. He keeps the baby distracted.

He keeps the baby's attention on him and not the needles. He talks continuously, moves his hands, and creates a sense of misdirection. As soon as the first shot is done, he keeps the baby distracted by talking and then giving the child a boop (yes, a boop) on the head before immediately going to the follow-up shot (these were probably an MMR and Varicella vaccination, which are often given on the same day) on the opposite leg.

Like a magician or a pickpocket, the doctor directs his mark's patient's attention away from what's happening.

3. He doesn't focus any attention on the child's reaction.

You'll notice the baby starts to get upset after the second shot. What a lot of people might do in that situation is to try to directly comfort the baby and inadvertently call attention to the pain. Instead, this doctor takes the baby's mind away from the ouchie with a cascade of tissues and some affectionate cheek noogies (yes, cheek noogies). 

There you go. Remove fear, create a distraction, and don't put the focus on pain. Good for babies... probably good for grown-ups, too.

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