You Haven't Seen A Free Kick Scored Like This!

And it happened in America.

Scoring off a free kick is an art form. Just ask Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


Scoring on a free kick is one of the hardest things to do in soccer. It depends on placement, curve, timing and sometimes just some pure luck from the soccer Gods.

However, this free kick from Real Salt Lake is something quite different from a Ronaldo or Messi gem.

That is mainly because this goal required the timing and efforts of four different players.

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At minute 35, Salt Lake's Luke Mulholland lines up for a free kick outside of the Columbus Crew's penalty box. All seemed normal... at first.

Then out of no where, #13, Olmes Garcia, takes off down the middle of the field into an offside position and the player to the right of the Mulholland sprints down the right side.

The Crew seemingly forget about Garcia, since he is offsides, at the moment. Mulholland then kicks the ball directly at his player, who flicks to the player who took off down the right side of the field.

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That might be the biggest trick of the play. Since Garcia was offsides at the start, Columbus assumed he was no longer part of the play. Since the header comes in so far down the field, towards the net, the defender actually puts Garcia back on sides to knock the ball in. Impressive!

Watch the full play below!


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