11 Cars That Will Make You Say 'Whoa'

You have never seen vehicles like this.

From RVs to Lamborghinis, a nice whip can come in a hundred different forms.

Weird, futuristic, old school or simply an idea, we've found some of the most eyebrow-raising cars on in the world. The real question is, if you had one pick, which would you choose? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to watch the videos of weird and futuristic cars on page three.


1. An RV with an escape plan.

2. An amazing LED Lambo.

3. A car modeled after a woman's shoe.

4. This amazing ancient looking batmobile.

5. A futuristic RV.

6. A pimp wooden car.

7. A futuristic Audi concept car.

8. All the F1 cars ever made...

9. Mercedes Benz Biome concept

10. One bizarre looking "tubular" car.

11. "Double car"

Check out this video on weird cars around the world:

And a look into some futuristic concepts coming soon...


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