Amanda Seyfried's Awesome Defense Of Moms Who Breastfeed Is Going Viral

We need to stop judging each other.

Beside being a totally natural thing for moms to do for their babies, breastfeeding has some amazing benefits. That's why so many moms, who are able and want to, breastfeed. But despite this being a very normal and common act, moms still experience judgement and shame for doing it publicly. 

Many parents are challenging the stigmas surrounding breastfeeding by posting photos of themselves with their babies latched, starting discussions about it, and writing supportive posts. Amanda Seyfried recently contributed to the conversation by taking to Twitter to show her support. 


Seyfried gave birth to her first child with Thomas Sadoski in March 2017. While she's kept her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter out of the spotlight, she's had no issue vocalizing her support for moms who breastfeed. On July 5 She began with a tweet about how we shouldn't judge a parent for their personal choices when it comes to feeding their child. 

She followed it up with quotes from the Quartz article "America's Sexualization of Breasts is so Pervasive, Even Other Women Think Public Breastfeeding is Gross" written by Maureen Shaw, which encouraged people to "shame no more."

She concluded by quoting Shaw's question about body image portrayal. 

Seyfried's tweets opened up a discussion about breastfeeding with many parents thanking Seyfried for showing her support. 

Others are also continuing the discussion and saying that no mom should be judged for how she feeds her baby.

(H/T: Today)


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